Planned Stocks For Instant Needs 

We know that Haffner Machinery is a strategic investment tool that ensures the sustainability of your business. Every Haffner Machine passes through detailed technical test stages before delivery. Installation processes is carried out by Haffner’s professional Technical Service Team, no matter where, in the world.  With new tools and processes we invest, we support our remote response and field technical help teams for faster and effective solutions. 

50 Kişilik
Teknik Servis Ekibi
45'den Fazla
Günlük Servis Talebi
Yıllık 600’den Fazla
Yerinde Servis Ziyareti
Yıllık 4.000’den Fazla
Uzaktan Bağlantı
24 Saatte
Geri Dönüş Oranı