TT 352Double Head Miter Saw (Ø:350 mm)


TT 352 Double Head Miter Saw can easily cut Aluminum and PVC profiles with 2 saws with a diameter of 350 mm, working with the principle of "top stroke". The saw speed can be adjusted. TT 352 Double Miter Saw enables cutting of internal and external angles with a wide cutting range from 45 ° to 135 ° In addition to main fixing points 45 °, 90 ° and 135 ° angles, it also has special fixing points for intermediate angles such as 60 °, 67.5 ° and 75 °.2

This ensures that frequently used main angles of the saw are quickly fixed. While the cutting head on the left is fixed, the cutting head on the right is positioned according to the length of the profile to be cut.

The movable head is manually moved to the desired position by the operator and fixed pneumatically. The "Precision Digital Measurement System" on the moving head shows the position of the moving cutting head on the screen with 0.1mm precision in order to cut the desired length with minimum tolerance and allows the saw to be fixed at the desired length and precision.

With vertical pneumatic compression pistons, it fixes the profile in the best way and ensures that the cutting result is obtained with minimum tolerance. During cutting, the saw rotation pulls the profile back towards the table, so no horizontal compression piston is needed and the profiles are prevented from moving during the cutting process. Upon customer demand, it can be manufactured as single phase 220V or three phase 380V during production. Thanks to the "Hydropneumatic Saw Feeding System" designed for cutting aluminum profiles, the profiles can be cut in the most precise way with minimum tolerance in desired dimensions.