MS 300Automatic Measurement System


MS 300 Automatic Measuring System provides fast and precise cutting in all cutting machines it is attached to, thanks to the digital support system which automatically goes to the desired size. The linear bearing technology on the system enables the digitally controlled support to move with maximum speed and position with minimum tolerance.

With the MS 300 Automatic Measuring System, the cutting machines that are used manually can be digitized, the number, lenght, of the piece to be cut, the  entered manually on the touch screen, and can also be prepared in advance and sent to the machine simultaneously by USB or remote connection. In case cutting is interrupted or switched between cutting lists, the machine can automatically continue cutting from where it left off. MS 300 automates TA 141, TA 133, TA 420 and TC 294 Cutting Machines, system support increase in capacity & production. The MS 300 Automatic Measuring System, standing on 2 metal legs height is adjusted according to the machine it will work integrated with and the conveyor conveyor is kept in balance.

Thanks to the Bluetooth-controlled ruler that works integrated with the MS 300 Measurement System, the lath cutting measurements can be taken manually and automatically transferred to the MS 300 Measurement System. Based on this information, the machine allows to cut laths in full size by going to the automatic size.