MAC 340Aluminium Profile Machining Center


MAC 340 Profile Machining Center is designed to perform the standard operations on profiles such as milling, drilling, milling and marking, as well as flowdrill and tapping, with computer control. In this way, the operations performed on more than one cutting machine are collected in a single machine, ensuring production speed and quality standardization, at the same time, labor cost is reduced.

MAC 340 Profile Machining Center, with its ability to interpolate on the profile to be processed in 3 axes, performs all operations on the profile with 0.1 mm precision. MAC 340, is capable of processing profiles of different designs and sizes. With a 7.5kW water-cooled spindle, it provides the opportunity to process profiles up to 4000 mm in 3 axes. Providing minimum vibration and maximum processing quality thanks to its rigid and strong design, the MAC 340 can provide this feature throughout its life.

The machining head moving with a speed of 180m / min in the X-axis provides minimum time loss and maximum production capacity when switching between milling operations. The system includes 7 tools with double-sided angle processing head  and the tool change is automatic, according to the process to be performed. MAC 340, which can be used as two stations thanks to its left and right profile supports, thus enables profile loading / unloading operations in one station while profile processing is performed in the other station, thus increasing the production capacity up to 30%. MAC 340 Profile Processing Center is a 15.6 ”high performance industrial PC with Windows 10 operating system, working without fan between 0 ° C - 55 ° C, placed on an ergonomic unit, with a user-friendly interface developed by Haffner Makine. It has an ergonomic hand station integrated with the industrial PC, allowing the operator to intervene manually and at the same time controlling the speed of the milling and cutting operations. Profiles to be milled and cut can be viewed in 3D on the computer screen and operations can be adjusted manually on the screen. It can work integrated with facade, door and window software belonging to different brands and optionally, it can also connect with SolidWorks for industrial applications.

Apart from these connections, data can be transferred to the machine using the USB port. With 4 horizontal pneumatic compression pistons, it fixes the profile in the best way and provides milling operations with minimum tolerance. Horizontal compression pistons can be moved manually in the X-axis according to the operations on the profile. MAC 340 Machining Center is supported with remote connection and provides problem detection and solution by connecting to the entire automation system. The operating system automatically cleans the unnecessary processes of the last session at every startup and shutdown of the machine, ensuring maximum security measures against virus and user errors. Daily backup is done automatically to the internal backup unit.

The system provides the opportunity to control the production daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with the shift control system. There is a central lubrication system that facilitates machine maintenance. The MAC 340 Profile Machining Center offers an option to automatically position the horizontal clamping pistons according to the operation to be performed, preventing the stops required for manual adjustment during the operation and allows fast operation. Optionally, 2 additional horizontal clamping pistons are added to provide stronger profile fixing, especially in case of double station use. It is possible to order with a closed cabin optionally in order to keep the chips created during the operations inside the machine and to contribute to a safe working environment. An optional barcode reader can be added and the information written in the barcode can be taken from window programs or industrial programs, and operations on the profiles can be performed with a single button.