KT 805Sash Assembly Machinery


KT 805 Sash Assembly is designed to provide high quality and standard mounting of accessories to aluminum or PVC window and door wings in different sizes and different systems. During the collection of windows and door wings, it is aimed to provide time optimization by performing the different operations required for the assembly of different accessories on a single workbench in combination. After the window or door leaf is placed on the bench by the operator, the wings are fixed automatically with the presses coming from the bottom, and the inside of the wing is measured by the machine for accessory cutting.

Thanks to the automatic measurement, single and double opening espagnolettes or scissors are cut to their exact dimensions with a press and placed in the espagnolette channel on the wing by the operator. Screwing unit with laser indicator has height adjustment for screwing espagnolettes and scissors to windows or doors produced from profiles of different sizes. KT 805 Wing Collector can be angled 15 ° in order to provide ergonomic working opportunity to the operator. A special shelf system is provided as standard in order to easily access accessories and other wing collection equipment on the top of the counter.