Cemil Bulduk Speaks to Construction World for Aluminum Special Edition

18 June 2021

Therefore, we produce systems that add value to aluminum and prepare it for industrial use. We believe that aluminum is a material that will change the understanding of industrial production of our century, and as Haffner, we set up our entire production and technological infrastructure accordingly.

Which countries do you export to? Do you have new market targets? Can you specify your export size in numbers?

Today, exporting more than 85% of its production to over 100 countries, Haffner is a global brand that has established its own offices in North and South America, Western Europe, the Balkans and Russia. Therefore, we successfully manage the demands that we receive from all over the world with the offices and warehouses we set up at strategic points. We also provide 

machine installation and technical support services all over the world, either by visits or by remote connection.

The domestic market is also a very large and important market for us. There are many well-established and export-oriented companies operating in our sector with a strong financial structure. In fact, we consider every domestic demand as an indirect export.

What is the construction industry like for you? What products do you offer for the industry? What kind of advantages do these machines provide, especially the technologies they have? 

Door and window systems, obtained by processing PVC and aluminum profiles, are a strategic material for the construction industry. Especially the basic benefits such as insulation and security that window systems will provide to the users are 

closely related to the fact that the profiles are processed in an uninterrupted and healthy manner in high precision equipped machines. In this sense, Haffner has a wide range of products for PVC and aluminum processing machines. Beyond that, Haffner is one of the very few brands in the world capable of producing machines according to customer and 

special needs. We rely on our engineering power in this regard. With this feature, we offer our customers more production capacity, lower labor costs, uninterrupted and quality production that is less affected by operator errors.

We analyze market needs and take action accordingly. For example, the need for ventilation of indoor spaces, which gained importance during the epidemic, increased the need for 

PVC sliding door and window systems. Based on this rising trend, we created the DMC 051 Profile Machining Center, which processes sliding doors and windows with high efficiency and precision. Albeit, during the epidemic period, many of our domestic and

foreign customers preferred to switch to machines that allow remote intervention. Therefore, our place is at the heart of the construction industry and serving this industry has always been our priority.




What kind of policy do you have in terms of after-sales services?

We take action with the awareness that every Haffner Makina purchased is a strategic investment tool that ensures the continuity of production. We carry out the installation of each machine, wherever it is in the world, with Haffner's well-equipped service team. Rather than working with the dealer channel, we open our own offices and work with teams that are open to dialogue, within the local culture, and dominate the service area, and we ensure the quality of service.

The number of service requests we manage daily is over 45. In the pre-pandemic period, we were making physical visits to more than 600 points. We make over 4,000 remote connections. Recently, our service request response rate is 95%. Albeit, we work with over 95% customer satisfaction. 

We also have an important stock of 10,000 parts for spare parts. We can manage instant needs with our planned stocks. We ship over 5,000 parts per year. Therefore, Haffner is a brand that creates a sense of trust all over the world with our engineering and spare parts services.

Can you briefly mention your goals for 2021?

Despite all the negativities, 2020 was a year where Haffner Makina continued to increase its brand power, provide employment and grow. 

We established our South American warehouse and our second office in the European Union We have developed many new products in the aluminum and steel profile processing categories. In the sectors we serve, we have seen that many companies with a healthy financial structure evaluate the epidemic period as an investment and preparation process. 

Therefore, we are experiencing developments in line with our vision. We expect 2021 to be a year when we will increase our production capacity and create more employment in our new production center.